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Easy to Use 30 Refill Potty Bags

Main Use of the products:

30 Refill Potty Bags, 150ML Absorbent Travel Potty Refill Bags Compatible with OXO Tot, Replacement Bags for 2-in-1 Go Potty.

Product Detail

Product Tags

800x800 Main picture NMY015

Main Application of Scenarios

● Home: Make potty training easier. With easy-to-use, disposable liners, you can easily keep your pop-up potty fresh and clean at home.

● Outdoor: Portable potty liners, take them anywhere. Stock up on Disposable Potty Liners and be prepared to make a pit stop anywhere!

● Car: Life Saver for Potty Training and on the Trip!

Main Features of the Products

● Highly absorbent, holding up to 150ml (5 ounces) of liquid.

● Easy to use Potty Refill bags, Securely attach on potty.

● Lightly scented to absorb odors.

● Portable, light weight, piece by piece and easy to use.

● Durable and Absorbent, Leak-proof bags with absorbent pad.

● Potty Refill Bags 30 count, Individually Folded Bags.


About 30 Refill Potty Bags

Item: 30PACK Potty Bags

Item# NMY015-Outter Packaging Bags

Type: Head Card Bag with Adhesive strip

Material: White LDPE

800x800 Main picture NMY015
Details-NYC015 Matt Finish

Matte Finish

Details-NYC015 Adhesive strip

Adhesive Glue

Details-NYC015 Press


Details-NYC015 White PE

White Material

Details-NYC015 white blanket

White Blanket

Details-NYC015 Butterfly Hole

Butterfly Hole

Item: Reill Potty Bags

Item# NMY015-Potty Bags

Type: T-shirt Bags / Handle Bags

Material:  HDPE/LDPE

Details-NYC013 Die-cut Shape

Die-cut Shape

Details-NYC013 Handle


Details-NYC013 Heat seal on the bottom

Sealing on the Bottom

Details-NYC013 Sticked the Absorbent Pad

Sticked Absorbed Pad

Details-NYC013 Side Gussets

Side Gussets

Details-NYC015 piece by piece

Piece by Piece

Item: Refill 30 PACK Potty Bags

Item# NMY015-Absorbent Pad

Type: Pad with adhesive strip

Material:  Non-woven / SPA

800x800 Main picture NMY014
Details-NYC014 SPA


Details-NYC014 The edge

The edge

Details-NYC014 Non-wowen Material

Non-woven Material

Details-NYC014 Print Pattern

Pattern Printed

Details-NYC014 Glue Strip

Glue Strip

Details-NYC014 After absorbing

After Absorption

About Product Process


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