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Drip Coffee Food Packaging Bags

Main Use of the products:

For those who constantly pursue a better quality of life, drip coffee will be a very convenient and high-quality choice for home life or office in the future. Coffee packaging bags are generally made of Alumunim foil laminated materials. It is suitable for packing drip coffee or coffee beans.

Product Detail

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Main Application of Scenarios

● Due to its smell-proof property and chemical stability, the bags are very often used in packed chocolate, cookie and other food.

● The bags can be used for storage purposes, they are more in demand. Many food companies use these type of bags to keep the food fresh for a long time.

Main Features of the Products

● Heat sealing on both sides.

● Tear notch is convenient to open the packaging bags easily by clients.

● Waterproof and Moisture Resistance.

● High quality food-grade compound films.

● BPA-FREE and FDA approved food grade material

● Be suitable for packing, storing, shipping, sampling, and sorting.

● The mylar bags can work with various food sealer machines for extra protection.

Showcase of Main Products

Item: Drip Coffee bags

Item# NCK001

Type: Three Sides Sealing Bags


Matte Finish-NCK001

Matte Finish

Silver Foil color-NCK001

Silver Foil Color

Tear Notches-NCK001

Tear Notches

Heat Sealing-NCK001

Heat Sealing

Round Corner-NCK001

Round Corners

Opening on Bottom-NCK001

Opening on Bottom

Item: Drip Coffee Packaging bags

Item# NCK003

Type: Three Sides Sealing Bags


Matte Finish-NCK003

Matte Finish

Silver Foil Material-NCK003

Silver Foil Material

Tear Notches-NCK003

Tear Notches

Heat Sealing-NCK003

Heat Sealing

Right Angles-NCK003

Right Angles

Opening on Top-NCK003

Opening on Top

Item: Arabica Coffee Packaging bags

Item# NCK015

Type: Two Sides Sealing Bags


800x800Main picture NCK015
Details-NCK015 Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Details-NCK015 Foil Material

Silver Foil Material

Details-NCK015 Tear Notches

Tear Notches

Details-NCK015 Heat Sealing

Heat Sealing

Details-NCK015 Folding on bottom

Folding on Bottom

Details-NCK015 Opening

Opening on Top

About Nuopack-Company Profile

Nuopack was established in 2018, specializing in producing all kinds of printed plastic bags and laminated pouches. And we have 15year experience for our packaging. We insist on doing the it better. Since our establishment, we have persisted in the business tenet of "Superior Quality, Excellent service, Favorable Price". Owing to our professional spirits, scientific management, strict quality control and efficiency our products gain the trust of the customer.


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