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Application of Biodegadable Materials

Environment Protection-nuopack
Application in Food Packaging-nuopack

1. Application in the field of environmental protection

In the investigation of the water environment found that waste day by day, generally divided into nylon, polyethylene, polyester and so on. These wastes cannot be completely degraded in the water environment, and as the amount becomes larger and larger, their harm is self-evident. If degradation materials are used, they can be degraded into low molecular compounds under the action of microbial secretory enzymes, and then become carbon dioxide and water through microbial metabolism.

2. Food container and packaging industry applications

Biodegradable packaging materials are generally degradable polymers added to the laminate film or directly mixed with the laminate material to form a film. In packaging materials, more research is the use of starch, cellulose, chitin and other natural polymer materials itself or modified into food containers and packaging films. British PORVAIR company developed polyurethane corn starch plastic properties of special materials, degradation speed, starch added amount of 50%, breathable and can be blown into film, widely used in food packaging.

3. Application in agriculture

Biodegradable materials are mainly used in agriculture as agricultural mulch and containers for crop growth. Agricultural mulch has been widely developed and applied at home and abroad. The biodegradable concentrated master batch containing N\P\K and other chemical substances was prepared by Beijing Plastics Research Institute using polyethylene as the basic raw material and adding photocatalyst by degradation. It has been applied in a wide range of farmland and achieved good results.

4. In the medical application

When the material completes the medical function, in a certain time can be hydrolyzed or enzymolysis into small molecules to participate in the normal metabolic cycle, so as to be absorbed or excreted by the human body. Biodegradable materials have been used in vascular surgery, orthopaedic surgery, in vivo drug release matrix, absorbent sutures and other medical fields.

Application in Agriculture-nuopack
Application in Medical-nuopack

Post time: Apr-01-2023