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Recycling Packaging, Green Express

Double 11 in 2021 may become the lowest carbon event in history. The 60,000 Cainiao Station will target 100 million consumers and encourage everyone to recycle the express packaging. The Cainiao Station in 20 cities across the country will pilot the “Green Delivery of Recycling Packaging Materials” project to promote the recycling of express packaging. During the Double 11 period, Cainiao's technologies such as smart order combining and smart box cutting will directly reduce the amount of packaging materials used. The distributed photovoltaic power stations in the Cainiao Logistics Park will also continue to provide clean energy and work together to reduce carbon. During Double 11, hundreds of millions of packages were delivered by frontline couriers. Cainiao will invest hundreds of millions of yuan to subsidize couriers and encourage them to improve service quality.

Focus to Recycling packaging, affected by the concept of sustainable development, single-material packaging is valued. At present, multi-layer and composite plastic packaging are commonly used, but the recycling process after use is very troublesome (the films of different materials need to be peeled off and then processed separately). Under the influence of ecological responsibility and local policies, major global brands have begun to pledge to use a single material, such as Borealis, Dow, ExxonMobil, Nova Chemical and Saudi Basic Industries Corporation, etc., and have launched recyclables in recent years. Single-material plastic film.

More and more countries and brand companies around the world promote circular economy to become an important factor affecting the application of recyclable single-material plastic packaging. This initiative aims to improve the efficiency of plastic recycling and processing. The new crown pneumonia epidemic has severely restricted the growth of the global economy in 2020. However, research earlier this year showed that flexible packaging consumption has shown a reverse growth in 2020, especially in Europe and North America.

Post time: Jan-05-2022