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Disposable Potty Liners 40PACK

Main Use of the products:

Disposable Potty Liners Disposable, 200ML Absorbent Travel Potty Refill Bags Compatible with OXO Tot, Portable Potty Chair Liners, Universal Training Toilet Seat for Kids Toddlers Outdoors.

Main Application of Scenarios:

1. Home: Make potty training easier. With easy-to-use, disposable liners, you can easily keep your pop-up potty fresh and clean at home.

2. Outdoor: Portable potty liners, take them anywhere. Stock up on Disposable Potty Liners and be prepared to make a pit stop anywhere!

3. Car: Life Saver for Potty Training and on the Trip!

Product Detail

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Disposable Potty Liners 40PACK (2)

Main Features Of The Products

● Highly absorbent, holding up to 150ml (5 ounces) of liquid.

● Handles that easily secure to the legs of the OXO Portable Potty.

● Lightly scented to absorb odors.

● Portable, light weight, and easy to use.

● Leak-free, sanitary material prevents the need for constant cleaning.

● Funny printed designs on the outside package.

About Disposable Potty Liners

Item: Disposable Portable Potty Liners

Item# NMY012-Outter Packaging Bags

Type: Stand up pouches with zipper on top

Material:  MOPP/PET/LDPE

Details-NYC012 Matte Finish

Matte Finish

Details-NYC012 Bottom Gusset

Bottom Gusset

Details-NYC012 Round Cornor

Round Cornor

Details-NYC012 Sealing

Heat Sealing

Details-NYC012 Zipper

Reusable Zipper

Details-NYC012 Butterfly Hole

Butterfly Hole

Item: Disposable Portable Potty Liners

Item# NMY013-Potty Liners

Type: T-shirt Bags / Handle Bags

Material:  HDPE/LDPE

800x800 Main picture NMY013
Details-NYC013 Die-cut Shape

Die-cut Shape

Details-NYC013 Handle


Details-NYC013 Heat seal on the bottom

Sealing on the Bottom

Details-NYC013 Sticked the Absorbent Pad

Sticked Absorbed Pad

Details-NYC013 Side Gussets

Side Gussets

Details-NYC013 Put into the outter package

Put into the Package

Item: Disposable Portable Potty Liners

Item# NMY014-Absorbent Pad

Type: Pad with adhesive strip

Material:  Non-woven / SPA

800x800 Main picture NMY014
Details-NYC014 SPA


Details-NYC014 The edge

The edge

Details-NYC014 Non-wowen Material

Non-woven Material

Details-NYC014 Print Pattern

Pattern Printed

Details-NYC014 Glue Strip

Glue Strip

Details-NYC014 After absorbing

After Absorption

Universal fit for portable potty: Works great with most popular potties, including large models like OXO 2-in-1 Travel potty, and it is the most convenient to use in all the same types of potty liners. Soft and flexibl flaps hold the disposable potty bags securely in place.

baby on the potty
Disposable Potty Liners 40PACK (4)
Disposable Potty Liners 40PACK (5)

Absorbent and Leak-Proof: Securely attaches to most potty with soft flexible flaps to catch all waste. Simply toss when finished-no need to clean or sanitize the potty! Tie the knot to the bag after use and throw it away.

potty liners after use

About Disposable Potty Liners

Baby sit on the potty in any bathroom
Disposable Potty Liners 40PACK (6)

● Home: Make potty training easier at home, Use in any bathroom.

Disposable Potty Liners 40PACK (7)

● Outdoor: Potty liners, take them anywhere.

Disposable Potty Liners 40PACK (8)

● Car Use: Life Saver in the car for trip.

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